DIGITAL HUMANS . The future of consumer experience.

Digital humans are the humanization of artificial intelligence. At Voicehumans we use the latest existing technologies for this humanization. 3D, deepfake and proprietary software to connect chatbots and all kinds of conversational AI.

Workforce AI

Easily implement your fleet of virtual workers with infinite scalability to automate your consumer experience through conversational AI

  • Dialogue flow, Watson, Phyton conexion.
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Easy conexión Plug and Play
  • Super Engagement personalities
  • Hiperconexion platform SaaS

Digital humans are the new way of understanding brands in the metaverse business.

The avtars are the new logos. In the world of the metaverse, brands have evolved in their conceptualization. It is the era of digital virtualization and logos are history.

Choose a business plan with our digital humans or adapt your brand to metaverse marketing with total personalization.

Find your AI workers and start a new future in your industry

Recepcionist hotel host

Automate your check in and check out processes with the latest conversational technology

Office recepcionist and onboarding

Automate reception processes in offices to amplify the work of your humans. Make the incorporation of new humans an easy process

Retail and personal shoppers

Use the new storytelling of virtual influencers for your brand in shopping centers and clothing stores

Iheath and hospitals

Convert the consumer experience of hospitals into a fluid process with the automation of our digital humans.


Use the Ai replicas to make the interactive experience of your museum a higher level.


Take advantage of the latest technologies to create replicas in the world of culture and entertainment.

Banking and insurance legal tech

The use of digital humans allows automating the consumer experience and legal tech processes in banking and insurance.


Future security systems use hyper-connected digital humans with cameras and all kinds of biometric sensors.

Design Personality System

Avatars are the new branding. We adapt the brand values to the shape of the avatars, through our exclusive Digital Morphopsychology.

Automate your consumer experience to suit you.

We Help You Expand
Brand Influence


Automate your workforce globally and control from our saas software. 

Software-hardware performance.

We are a software and hardware company for the easy connection of your force of virtual workers with your digital environment

Scalable digital workers

Implement your virtual workers in your company and pay only monthly.

Multiple Connectivity

Connect with all your systems and digital needs. CRM, or any system you need to automate your processes

scale your profitability

use any type of display for your new consumer experience and generate a revolutionary experience with your users

Fast user experience

Automate through conversational AI all kinds of steps in the consumer experience that make you simplify processes and increase your profitability.

Biometric controls

We use all kinds of biometric recognition connections to enhance the service of our digital humans.

Conversational data

Use the conversational world for consumer experience processes, branding and obtaining analysis and data.


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