Enter your brand into metaverse and digital humans.

Hello to the business to avatar. B2A

Connect your brand in the new business of avatarization on the brands.

Digital humans and workforce AI

Metaverse strategies
develop and contents

NFT form brands

Virtual influencers an metaverse influencers RRSS

Replicas ans virtual ambassadors

Concert, social and entertainment metaverse events

Bringing together brand experiences and the metaverse.

How Brands, Entertainment and Metaverse come together

Digital humans. The Consumer experience revolution.
Automatice everything with Face2Face AI Avatars.

Voicehumans creates digital humans that function as Workforce AI for different industries.

Find the integrate solutions for metaverse strategies, NFT and blockchain solutions for brands.

Through virtual worlds we have the possibility to meet with our customers and business partners worldwide from our own office and participate in virtual events and trade fairs that can take place parallel to the actual events.


We create virtual influencers and replicas for virtual world

In the era of the metaverse and new social forms, virtual influencers and virtual ambassadors are the next step for brands.

A Voicehumans and liftel partner

Latest case-study.ANA. LIFT VOICE CONTROL.

A voicehumans and SMTH PARTNER

Latest case study.Lia.

We create strategies for metaverse Business and phygital integrated solutions.


Are you ready for future?


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