Industries X

Digital humans are a force of virtual workers present in all industries for the automation of their consumer experience processes

Workforce AI

Easily implement your fleet of virtual workers with infinite scalability to automate your consumer experience through conversational AI

  • Dialogue flow, Watson, Phyton conexion.
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Easy conexión Plug and Play
  • Super Engagement personalities
  • Hiperconexion platform SaaS

Find your AI workers and start a new future in your industry

Recepcionist hotel host

Automate your check in and check out processes with the latest conversational technology

Office recepcionist and onboarding

Automate reception processes in offices to amplify the work of your humans. Make the incorporation of new humans an easy process

Retail and personal shoppers

Use the new storytelling of virtual influencers for your brand in shopping centers and clothing stores

Iheath and hospitals

Convert the consumer experience of hospitals into a fluid process with the automation of our digital humans.


Use the Ai replicas to make the interactive experience of your museum a higher level.


Take advantage of the latest technologies to create replicas in the world of culture and entertainment.

Meteverse marketing allows you to virtualize your consumer experiences in new forms of digital amplification not known until now

New comprehensive strategies.

The digital world is full of painpoints. metaverse marketing's new face2face strategies amplify the power of brands.

Low Rate of Fever

Current digital strategies produce headaches. We haven't had time to integrate media innovations and it's time to rethink the future of digital communication.

Automatic Navigation

The digital future and present has to do with process automation. Digital humans are the humanization of conversational AI that supports this new vision of brands.

Automate your consumer experience processes with the most advanced conversational intelligence.


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